Biagio was recognized for his artistic talents at an early age. He started drawing and painting early on and continued to pursue his creative interests by further advancing his skills and knowledge at Rosa Parks High School for the Arts, where he continued to excel. He was granted a full scholarship to study Art at William Paterson University where he decided on a concentration in 3D computer animation. While attending, Biagio began creating flash sheets, pages of illustrations that could be used for tattoos. His intention was merely to sell these sheets to tattoo shops, but in attempting to do so, his passion for tattooing and in joining the tattoo industry had emerged. Biagio continued to complete his studies of 3D computer animation while working as a tattoo artist part-time. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and embarked full-time on his journey of tattoo.  Over the years, Biagio opened his own “Tattoo Gallery”.  Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery is a culmination of Biagio’s passions; fine arts, tattooing and creativity. 



Biagio's Tattoo Gallery